2024 Legislative Update

After many years of requesting to have all Emergency Medical Services levels in one place or "under one roof" the EMRs, EMTs, and ambulance drivers will move to be regulated under the SDBMOE with the advanced life support personnel levels. 

The current EMT and EMR certifications through the SD EMS office will automatically transfer to the BMOE on July 1, 2024. The certificates will convert to a license under the BMOE with no changes to the license number or expiration date currently on file. No further action is required by the licensees to have this transfer completed. 

All EMT and EMR Licensees will need to complete and submit the EMS Supervision agreement located on our website under the Forms tab. The completed agreement should be emailed to sdbmoe@state.sd.us . If you are not working as an EMT or EMR but wish to maintain your license, please email the BMOE for further instructions. 

How to tutorials for ambulance driver certification, CEU and Initial program application processes can be accessed here.

The updated supervision agreement can be found under the Forms tab on the Supervision section.

On June 28, 2024, the BMOE and the Office of EMS and Trauma sent out a Joint Statement.

EMS Transition FAQ's

While the BMOE is in the process of importing all EMT/EMR licensure data into the database please use these PDF documents in place of the licensee look-up function for all actively licensed EMT and EMR's. 

Active EMR List

Active EMT List


Ambulance Driver Certification

The ambulance driver certification competencies will remain the same as those that the DOH had required for all ambulance drivers since 2016. The competencies DOH required are as follows: CPR, HIPAA Awareness, Infection Control, Patient Movement, Equipment and Communications Systems Knowledge, Emergency Vehicle Operations Certification. As of July 1, 2024, the ambulance driver certification requirement will go into effect. During this time of transition, ambulance drivers who have the attestation on file with the ambulance service, will remain in place and in compliance. Services will have the opportunity to obtain the ambulance driver certification through the BMOE after July 1 while the administrative rules process takes place with rules effective later this fall. All ambulance drivers should begin the certification application process as soon as possible to remain in compliance with the statutory requirements.

To begin the application process, you will need to login to you MySD Account (or create one if you do not already have one).  There are how-to-tutorials available on our website for assistance with the application process. (Tutorials here)

For any ambulance driver that is also a Registered Nurse, the BMOE has provided a way for them to apply for the certification. When the provider gets to the competency attestation section of the application, select “No” for each competency listed and type RN into the explanation box. 


EMT and EMR Initial applications:

To begin the application process for an initial Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), please complete and return the Affidavit and Authorization for Release of Information form to the Board office via email to sdbmoe@state.sd.us  (If you are sending via a Scanner directly - you will need to send an email individually to provide contact information to send you the application. - without this we cannot contact you). If you have difficulty locating a notary, please call the BMOE office (605-367-7781) or email sdbmoe@state.sd.us.

Follow these instructions to ensure the form is complete as required for the application process:

Read and complete carefully ensure Affidavit acceptance 

  1. Make sure everything is signed and dated where indicated
  2. A passport-quality color photograph must be in the proper place
  3. A color copy of the government picture ID presented must be submitted at the same time as the Affidavit. Either with the same email or in a separate email sent at the same time
  4. The Affidavit is a time-sensitive document.


EMR License Renewal Applications:

To renew your current EMR license, please login to your MySD account (or create one using the email address on file from the EMS office data - if you do not already have one).  There are how-to-tutorials available on our website for assistance with the application process. (Tutorials here)


EMS Education Applications:

To access the applications to have your EMS initial program application or EMS continuing education courses reviewed for approval please login to your MySD account.

After the online application is submitted, the request will be reviewed for approval. The approval will be sent to the course/program coordinator through the database and via email.

Any provider that completes the CEU course should be provided the CEU certificate to keep for their records. Each licensee will need to maintain record of their own education completed to report to the NREMT or as proof of the completed continuing education credits if selected for the random audits by the BMOE (if not NREMT certified).


EMS Approved Scope of Practice

The Board approved the ALS Scope of Practice Guide on June 14, 2018, revised June 20, 2024.         Scope Document

36-4B-18. Additional tasks permitted with adequate training and proficiency.

In addition to tasks listed in §§ 36-4B-16 and 36-4B-17, an emergency medical technician-intermediate/85, emergency medical technician-intermediate/99, or an emergency medical technician-paramedic may be permitted to perform, under direct or indirect medical control, such other tasks approved by the board, and for which adequate training and proficiency can be demonstrated.

If you would like to petition the Board for additional tasks, send an email to sdbmoe@state.sd.us outlining your request. Your request should include the education completed and medical director protocols for that task. 


EMS Licensure Compact

Information related to the EMS compact can be found on the Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice EMS Compact website: EMS Compact


Paramedic Critical Care Endorsement (SDCL: 36-4B-18.1)

Critical Care Certified paramedics can request the critical care endorsement as follows:

Send an email with the information below to sdbmoe@state.sd.us

    1. Subject Line of Email: your Full Name (first and last name) Critical Care Endorsement
    2. Attach a Copy of your completion certificate from the International Board of Specialty Certification
    3. Put this message in the body of email: "I am certified as a critical care paramedic or flight paramedic by the International Board of Specialty Certification. Please add this to my file."