License Verification


Primary Source License Verification Request to another State Board

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SDBMOE verification to another State Board
  • Verification requests are processed in the order received and may take up to 14 business - not calendar - days. Note this is to process, not when the other State Board should receive.
  • Verifications will be emailed to the State Board address on file.
  • Confirmation of delivery to a receiving State Board is the responsibility of the Requestor and Licensee.
  • After 14 business days, If verification is not received by the other State Board - the Requestor and Licensee may request the verification to be emailed again.
  • A receipt for the processed payment will be sent to the Requestor and Licensee, once the verification has been sent to the requested Board and there may be a gap between credit card processing and receipt email.
  • If the licensure is inactive, an archive search will be conducted as expeditiously as possible, archive searches are unique with no way to predict timelines.
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