Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

What is the standard timeframe for licensure to be granted?

*After the applicant has submitted (or facilitated submission) of requirements, the Board staff time to issue is measured in hours. When a file is complete, the license is issued that day or no later than the next business day or two.*

Timelines are difficult to quantify because it is entirely dependent upon how quickly applicants take care of their requirements – some move very quickly and some are quite slow. There is no “typical” or “average” timeline. The time line is entirely up to the applicant and how quickly they get the required documents submitted – this is solely the applicant’s responsibility. Applicant timelines cannot exceed 120 days or the incomplete file is closed. 

Question 2 

What is the timeframe to received fingerprint background investigation results?

The current timeframe to receive results is about 2 weeks from the date the correctly completed packet is received at the Board office (packets are sent for processing same day as receipt in the office). 
The applicant's checklist message is updated accordingly as items are received. 

Question 3

How do I start the application process for licensure?

The applicant should send an email to sdbmoe@state.sd.us that includes their full legal name and type of licensure they wish to apply for.
Board staff will reply with the initial steps to help fast track all applications in the order the request was received. 

Question 4

How do I request a Board to Board verification of my license? 

Board to Board verifications can be requested by completing the online form. This form will also process the $30 fee at the time of request eliminating the requirement to call the Board office to pay the fee via phone. The new form is located on our website under Forms: SDBMOE - Board to Board Verification

Question 5

When can I renew my license? 

Online license renewals are made available 90 days prior to the expiration of the licensure through your online SDBMOE account.