Please note that an application fee only extends an initial license to the next renewal date. Initial licenses do vary in duration. It is the responsibility of all licensees to renew their license before expiration. Failure to renew shall result in automatic forfeiture or suspension of the license by statute. Licenses which have forfeited are not automatically entitled to renew.

How do I start the application process for licensure?

The applicant should send an email to that includes their full legal name and type of licensure they wish to apply for.
Board staff will reply with the initial steps to help fast track all applications in the order the request was received. 

CEU Requirement

To qualify for renewal of a license upon its expiration as prescribed in SDCL 36-29-11, an applicant for renewal must obtain 25 hours of continuing education annually or maintain certification by the Board of Certification.

he following standards shall be used to evaluate all hours of continuing education completed: (1) Educational meetings or workshops designed specifically for athletic trainers or concerned with topics related to sports medicine. This category includes local, state, district, or national meetings. Ten hours of continuing education shall be awarded for every ten hours of program content; (2) College course work completed after receiving a bachelor's degree. The course work must be related to improving the licensee's skills and knowledge of sports medicine. For each credit hour completed, five hours of continuing education shall be awarded; (3) Maintenance of medically related certifications. Athletic trainers maintaining cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification for the three-year period shall be awarded five hours of continuing education. Those maintaining emergency medical technician certification for the three-year period shall be awarded ten hours of continuing education; (4) Subscriptions to any of the journals specifically dealing with athletic training or sports medicine. For each subscription, five hours of continuing education shall be awarded. Special athletic training projects and educational experiences not covered by the categories listed in this section may be submitted to the board for consideration. Credit for continuing education shall be awarded on the basis of merit to the athletic training profession and time involved in preparation.